Cosmetic Procedures For A Natural Transformation

Cosmetic Procedures for a Natural Transformation.

 What sets us apart? Experience and Training

All procedures are performed by Dr. Timothy Parish for your safety and continuity of personalized care.

Parish beautiful skinVein Laser Dermatology specializes in the latest and safest natural transformation procedures.  Cosmetic medicine is Dr. Parish’s passion and his qualifications make him one of the top cosmetic physicians in the state of Alabama. We offer state of the art, non-invasive treatments to make you appear more youthful and radiant. We have a wide array of cosmetic skin care procedures to help diminish wrinkles, the effects of aging, unwanted hair, circumferential reduction, and unwanted fatty bulges.

A Natural Transformation: If you see crow’s feet forming, your eyebrows sagging, or your lips not as plump as they used to be, Dr. Parish can educate you on the latest non-surgical options for beautiful skin. We know that healthy skin is great looking skin and we have various regimes for you to consider during your consultation.  These treatments can help visibly reduce wrinkles, smooth lines, and even out variations in skin pigmentation. Dr. Parish offers the latest advancements and techniques in Cosmetic medicine and Lasers  with Botox CosmeticJuvederm, Voluma, Vobella, Restylane, Venus Viva Fractionated Radiofrequency, Velashape for cellulite and Laser treatments for unwanted hair and beautiful skin.  Our center has the exclusive GentleWaves Photomodulation Treatments for cellular rejuvenation with no downtime.   We also have top medical grade skincare lines and we are committed to finding the most effective and safest treatments for all skin types.

Parish Vein Laser Dermatology is Alabama’s original and most experienced vein and cosmetic center. Dr. Parish is a pioneer in vein treatment and research and opened the first vein center in Alabama in 1995.  He is one of the leading vein doctor’s in the country and has lectured and published on the subject of veins, lasers and tumescent liposuction. Dr. Parish brought innovative European treatments to Alabama in 1995 to help reduce the pain and discomfort of varicose veins, spider veins, and unsightly facial veins. We are on the fore-front of groundbreaking research to alleviate the pain of varicose, spider, and facial veins.

Body Contouring and Tumescent Liposuction: Losing those stubborn pounds and getting rid of cellulite can be extremely frustrating! Even after a diet and exercise regimen, there are areas of each person’s body that may resist change. Dr. Parish offers Velashape and Tumescent Liposuction to help eliminate fatty pockets and smooth out cellulite and provide a more smoother silhouette.  Dr. Parish performs liposuction on the arms, chin, thighs, love handles and stomach.  He is a published author in the field of Tumescent Liposuction and is not alone in the medical field by saying that Tumescent Liposuction is “the gold standard for liposuction”.  You will not be put to sleep and your safety is our top priority.  Schedule a consultation and see how Tumescent Liposuction can give you the body you want.