Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are enlarged capillaries just beneath the skin and appear as a web of red or purple blood vessels. There are many causes for spider veins, and nearly 50% of all adults develop this problem.Causes of spider veins include sun overexposure, obesity, aging, pregnancy, prolonged periods of standing, and hormonal changes. Heredity also contributes to the causes of spider veins. Dr. Parish uses Digital Photoplethysmography and Ultrasound to determine the source of the problem and the spider veins are treated by Dr. Parish with Sclerotherapy. Dr. Parish uses Saline, Polidocanol and Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate for Sclerotherapy spider vein treatments.  Parish Vein Laser Dermatology also offers Nitrous Oxide to our patients for added comfort during sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy rather than laser is still considered the gold standard of treatment for spider veins

Dr. Parish performs all ultrasounds and sclerotherapy treatments himself to insure safety and quality of care is maintained throughout the treatment process.