GentleWaves Photomodulation – Non invasive LED treatment for smoother, creamier skin

GentleWaves Photomodulation treatments are painless and recovery is instantaneous so that you can immediately return to your normal activities. GentleWaves is administered in various sessions and Dr. Parish will determine the number of sessions needed to address your skin care needs.  GentleWaves Photomodulation offers:
  •   Treatment for fine lines,wrinkles,pigmentation,and pore size
  •   Expected results yield smoother, younger-looking skin
  •   Recovery immediate with no downtime
  •   For best result attend all appointments within a treatment series and follow up with maintenance sessions every 6 to 8 weeks
Using a technology called Photomodulation, GentleWaves is a low-intensity light therapy that can modulate cellular activity. GentleWaves increases collagen production while decreasing the production of enzymes that break down and age the skin.GentleWaves treats wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and enlarged pores. Skin becomes smoother and looks more radiant. Results are typically seen in the third or fourth treatment, and improvements continue through six months after the treatment is finished.
GentleWaves can also be used in conjunction with other procedures such as non-ablative laser treatments, and both laser and chemical peels. GentleWaves is FDA approved for the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes.
GentleWaves Photomodulation can be used on all skin types and can be used as a treatment for the neck and chest. Few other treatments are approved to treat these areas. GentleWaves does not hurt and because it is a noninvasive treatment that can be tolerated by all patients.
Results show themselves gradually. While results are not as dramatic as more invasive treatments such as chemical or laser peels, your skin will look creamier, younger, and smoother.
For more information about GentleWaves, call Parish Vein Laser Aesthetics today. GentleWaves Photomodulation is exclusively offered at Parish Vein Laser Aesthetics.