Unwanted and excess hair can make anyone self conscious. Palomar Laser Hair Removal can offer a simple and fast approach to give you longer lasting results than any other hair removal method.

Results may vary
Results may vary

Laser hair removal is achieved by passing the laser light over the treated area. This process ensures easy treatment of large areas at one time without great discomfort. The laser actually slows the process of growth by disabling the hair follicles. The best results are achieved with multiple treatments–usually four to six treatments.

The light is significantly less painful in comparison to electrolysis. It could be compared to a rubber band snapping or a warm sensation. Advanced laser technology gives you the reassurance of hair removal that is convenient, fast, effective, and safe.

Treatment sessions for excess and unwanted hair removal are quick and easy! Your treatment will consist of a hand piece moving over your skin. The hand piece emits a light that disables the hair follicles. Most people perceive the light as a gentle “snapping” sensation.

Thanks to its advanced technology the Palomar System works several times faster than other light-based hair removal systems. A large area, such as the back, can be treated in under 30 minutes and a smaller area, such as the underarms, can be treated in even less time. Dr. Parish can establish which treatments and methods are most effective for your needs. Call for a consultation today.