Spider veins are enlarged capillaries just beneath the skin and appear as a web of red or purple blood vessels. There are many causes for spider veins, and nearly 50% of all adults develop this problem.

Causes of spider veins include sun overexposure, obesity, aging, pregnancy, prolonged periods of standing, and hormonal changes. Heredity also contributes to the causes of spider veins. Dr. Parish uses Digital Photoplethysmography and Ultrasound to determine the source of the problem and the spider veins are treated by Dr. Parish with Sclerotherapy. Parish Vein Laser Aesthetics also offers Nitrous Oxide to our patients for added comfort during sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy rather than laser is still considered the gold standard of treatment for spider veins.
Spider veins should not be thought of as an isolated skin entity. Spider veins are a part of the whole spectrum of venous disease and all spider vein treatments are performed by Dr. Parish — and not a nurse or physician assistant — to ensure safety and excellence of care. Experience, patient safety, and continuity of care from start to finish are what set Parish Vein Laser Aesthetics apart from other vein centers.
The process of sclerotherapy utilizes the introduction of an irritant into the vein wall by way of an injection. The irritant creates an inflammation in the vein wall, and once the inflammation has healed the vein collapses and disappears. The body needs to heal naturally and will take two to four weeks to see the results of an injection session. The ideal time to return is at two weeks because the vein walls are now sensitized and a more effective response to treatment occurs on the second visit. The rerouting of blood from the unhealthy veins to normal, deeper veins in the muscles increases the efficiency of the circulation back to the heart.
Results May Vary

Sclerotherapy can be combined with laser treatment for the very finest spider veins, but only after the underlying problems have been treated. Patients who are concerned about the pain of injections need to be reassured that any discomfort they have can be very adequately controlled with a short acting agent called Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) that is breathed through the nose. This is the same gas that is administered at dental offices. Patients will never go to sleep; it is safe and effective and should only be used by those who find that the minimal discomfort is unacceptable to them. Dr. Parish will make your comfort his priority. Ninety-five percent of the patients undergoing sclerotherapy have minimal discomfort. Parish Vein Laser Aesthetics is the only vein center in Alabama to offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).

Patients must understand

That the more spider veins they have throughout their legs the more trips they will require — approximately two to five visits depending on the extent of veins — and that they need to have patience during the first two visits while the pressure in the system is being normalized. We ask that you please come with a clean face, particularly if you have a spot to be checked or are in for any cosmetic treatments.
Dr. Parish has the experience and skills to control spider veins, but nature must take its course. Trust that Dr. Parish will put your comfort and concerns first. Patients need to understand that vein disease is pathological and can not be cured as claimed by other doctors. You can have beautiful and healthy legs with regular maintenance.

Dr. Parish performs all treatments to insure that quality and safety are maintained throughout your spider vein treatments.